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LP/ CD: kobayashi Neuanstrich

Complete download incl. 2 bonuzs songs and the whole booklet:

13 new songs:

weiter - flächendeckend mpeg - contradiction - markt - tanzfläche - bruno - masse - la vallla - warum sauft ihr nicht daheim? - abriss als ziel - worte wecken bilder - henna - kopfkino

LP supported and distributed by: Tofu Griller, Soroll (ES), Alerta Antifascista, Behind the Scenes, Synalgie Records, Acclaim Collective (JP)



CD: kobayashi some chosen old songs [summer 2006]

everything on this CD has been previously released:

rohmeder - neurosen - la verité simple - taschen voll - käse reiben - olli - tapetenwechsel - fluten - ibb ibb hurra - vida y color - dummer mund

sponsored and distributed by: Tofu Griller, Soroll (Valencia, ES), Victimas del Progreso (Madrid, ES)


Split 7inch: kobayashi and disface [summer 2004]

kobayashi: fluten - tapetenwechsel
disface: abortus - apretant les dents - castigo de dios

published with help from: Alerta Antifascista, Tofu Griller, Moskito Records, Falling Down, gedankenverbrechen, disyouth, oi free youth productions, faul collective und grita o muere records.
Split 7inch: kobayashi and koyaanisqatsi [spring 2004]

kobayashi: rohmeder - weil neurosen längst wirklichkeit sind
koyaanisqatsi: paranoid???

published with help from: Alerta Antifascista (, Tofu Griller (, Moskito Records (, Falling Down ( and gedankenverbrechen (
Lp: disko [mai 2002]
contains the following songs:
A: la verité simple - taschen voll - käse reiben - rightwingconservativeliberalsocialdemocratgreenbullshit - subversion gegen tradition - tanz ums ich - olli - 508 variant
B: ibb ibb hurra - vida y color - dummer mund - konkordat - grenzstadt - no regress - traum - nenn es wie du willst

published as a cooperation by various labels:: Alerta Antifascista (, Malinke (, Moskito Records (, Falling Down (, La Idea ( und Gaia (
7inch: no title [summer 2001]
single version of the cassette with these songs:
und täglich grüßt das murmeltier - ich weiß es selbst - maulhelden und maulheldinnen - nicht_lustig! - grenzstadt

published by Skuld-Releases. should be available from any good record dealer. If not, you can them from us as well.
tape: basta de ciudad muerta! [10/2000]
with the following songs:
und täglich grüßt das murmeltir - ich weiß es selbst - maulhelden und maulheldinnen - konkordat - nicht_lustig! - grenzstadt - dummermund

only published in spain and available at the following labels/ distros which have released it:
selected compilations:

CD-Sampler: hinter 1000 stäben

a non-profit compilation for people accused for being members in a terroristic group (info here), published by RiotRex. Contains "rohmeder" by Kobayashi and 26 other bands, such as Alarm, Lütten, Aggra Makabra, Katzenstreik and Dean Dirg.


2 CD-R: Rage against the future

Contains our very old song "no regress", but there are other, better reasons why this selfmade Double CD- R is quite interesting. You find 41 songs from bands like Bambix, Inner Conflict, Chaoze One, Inner Terrestrials, Across the Border, Ya Basta, ... As usual you get it at the
Tofu-Grill or via Black Mosquito (for just 5€).

Lp: Turn it down [compilation against nazi-music, november 2004]

contains our song "weil neurosen längst wirklichkeit sind", and there are also many other good bands:
01. el mariachi - i can’t relax in deutschland
02. duesenjaeger - sekundenschlaf
03. escapado - nur der gedanke
04. koyaanisqatsi - weil du es ja weisst
05. kassiopaia - szenebrumkreisel
06. grabowski - wo fang ich an?
07. kobayashi - neurosen
08. chispas - stagnation
09. lattekohlertor - the return of german rockmusic
10. hightscore - hardcore bores me to death
11. daddy longleg - muerte al poder
12. the now denial - dusty gunslinger master
13. jet black - 48h
14. katzenstreik - no name
15. mad minority - kalifornien
16. paranoia keeps crawling - please tell us again we’re free
17. mallorys last light - this is how it ends

published by the following labels: alerta antifascista, behind the scenes, end of
silence, falling down, faul collective, freecore, real-deal records,
sabotage, small but angry, tofu guerrilla, turnitdown, unterm durchschnitt
and zeitstrafe
Cd: Indymedia Soli Sampler [july 2004]

contains our song "taschen voll". Further it contains the following bands:
düsenjäger, der trick ist zu atmen, katzenstreik, displaced, mr. burns, aggra makabra, jet black, mallorys last dance, peace of mind, turbostaat, raketenjungs, herr neumann, kettcar, lattekohlertor, koyaanisqatsi, chispas, american tourists, karacho, inner conflict, kleinstadthelden
Cd: "Nuestras Voces son vuestras pesadillas" (benefit compilation for Radio Bronka, Barcelona) [spring 2004]

"vida y color" is the song called which you find here. But there are lots of other bands on this compilation- for example:

amdi pettersens arme, catharsis, cojoba, disface, zootic, pcp, atrocious madness, bad taste, human bastard, no conforme, simbiose, machine that flashes, hermit, coche bomba, kontrovers and many more

published by Radio Bronka
7inch sampler: Split "Genova 2001" (a benefit- sampler for the victims of the repression during and after the g-8 meeting in Genova) [may 2002]
it contains 'käse reiben' from Kobayashi, and more smash hits from Affliction, Sin Dios and Dir Yassin.

released and distributed by Malinke ( and Moskito Records (
cd sampler: Die Zähne zeigt, wer das Maul aufmacht Vol.2 (benefit compilation for various groups affected by repression) [summer 2001]
contains 'dummer mund' by us and a whole load of other cool bands:
Amen 81, Paragraf 119, Voll auf Zero, Unabomber, Dead Kennedys, Dellwo, Chispas, Burning Kitchen, Cementerio Shöw, Mr. Burns, EA 80, Turbostaat, Petrograd, Fun People, Subcutan, AOB, Deadzibel, Operation, Kindle, Muff Potter, Pankzerkroiza Polpotkin, Strahler 80, Suburban Scumbags, Heimatglück, Guddommelig Galskab, Skalar, Hale Bopp, Bambix, Machine Gun Etiquette, Bad Taste, Anarchophobia

available at "Alerta Antifascista" (