kobayashi- news:

- [10-17-16] Our plan to play some concerts by the end of the year failed once again. Apparently we have to admit that the band has no future. That's why we will not keep on. Instead, we will focus on our current projects: Analog Ruins, Postford, Substitute and dørtebeker.
So if you want to meet us: Please get in touch with one of those bands. We will no longer check Kobayashi e-mails. However, we are still sticking to the plan of publishing some songs we recorded in the rehearsal room 3 years ago. They just need to be mixed, then you'll find them here.

- [05-01-15] We had to realize that 400km geographical distance is enough to make it impossible to maintain Kobayashi in a way everybody is happy with. This is why we decided to put the band on ice for now. Yes, that's bitter and no, it won't be forever. Hopefully.

- [03-08-14] We will play some concerts in the north of germany in April.

- [12-22-13] Yes: We are still planning to release some new songs. All the delays haven't even been our fault alone this time. Just have some more patience. We'll let you know whenever we know what to expect when.

- [9-9-13] We managed to finally recors some of the newer stuff. But recording was just little part of the work. All the rest (mixing, mastering, layout, ...) takes a lot longer and is more complicated than we thought. That's why you should not expect to see the songs released before next year. Sorry for that. However, we will play the gigs in Bremen and Berlin which were meant to be release parties. See you there.

- [4-29-13] That's it. We do not have any more concert plans for this year. However it is pretty likely that we will play at least a few. If we manage to get some of the new songs recorded and published before. We're into it. Stay tuned.

- [3-11-13] Once again our plan to tour in France did not work out. That sucks. However, we are looking forward to play in Dusseldorf and Oldenburg instead. And afterwards we'll be in Hamburg and Kiel.
In the long run Kobayashi will play very few concerts in the future: Roberto will stay in Berlin which is why it does not seem realistic that we will play more than 2 weekends per year or so. However, there will still be a chance to see us. From time to time.

- [2-2-13] We have planned to play some gigs in France in March. By now it is not 100% confirmed though. What`s sure is that we are gonna play in Hamburg and Kiel in April. See you there!

- [9-9-12] Our german mini-tour is settled. We will see what happens with the band afterwards. One thing is for sure: We won't be that active since Roberto is in Berlin now.

- [6-19-12] We are going on holiday. We won't update this site before September and currently it might take longer than usual until you receive answers when mailing us.

- [6-9-12] One concert is left and then our summer break is here. Afterwards we are planning to do some recording sessions and in October we'd love to go on a short tour. And then? Well- we don't know, but it's for sure that we will be less active in the future. One of us is moving to Berlin and that will make some things difficult. However, we will keep on. Somehow.

- [3-22-12] We are not willing to give up our optimism- that's why we are playing some open air concerts in May and June. See you in sunny Oldenburg, Hamburg, Erfurt and Berlin!

- [4-12-11] Our interview with the the "Punk Rock 77 thru Today" blog is now online.

- [24-10-11] The 9-day UK tour was really big fun. We met a lot of amazing people and managed to keep the loss of money to a level that allows covering it with our savings. Thanks again to everybody involved in setting it up for us, we are looking forward to helping you out whenever you need and however we can.

- [26-09-11] In the end we will not play on the Rhymes and Resistance event in Bristol. Instead we will be in London on the first day of our UK tour. However, we are sure that you will have a great time in Bristol without us and encourage everyone to go to that benefit show and thereby support those facing charges following the riots.

- [22-09-11] Many people from the UK DIY network gave us a hand and saved our tour- that´s amazing. Thanks to everybody. We would not have expected that this works out so quickly. The plan is set now and we are looking forward to meeting all of you in person!

- [17-09-11] We need help. The tour planning for our 10-day trip to the UK did not work out. The reasons are complicated.
However we do not want to cancel the 3 confirmed dates and are now contacting everybody we know from the local DIY network who might be able to put up a show on such a short notice. If you have a rehearsal room where you want to see us play, if you have already planned a concert between the 12th and 19th that somehow lies on our route: PLEASE drop us an email: mail@kobayashi-disko.org Same applies if you know somebody who might be able and willing to help us.
W e hope to see you in October!

- [01-09-11] At least some dates for our UK tour are confirmed now. We´re looking forward to seeing more gigs added soon.

- [04-05-11] We will take a concert break to go on vacation and do other things than playing shows. But in October we will go to the UK! Never been there.... we´re excited and really looking forward to a 10-day tour over there... Stay tuned for details.

- [31-03-11] On April 30th the neofascist NPD party plans to march in our hometown Bremen. Of course there is a broad antifascist alliance not willing to leave the streets to them. A person involved in the antifascist action will join us on our concerts in Wuppertal and Nijmegen and will inform about the planned protests.
However, please also have in mind that around our concert dates (April 9+10), nazi groups are mobilizing for 2 marches in Stolberg (near Aachen). Antifascist groups call for action and so do we, even though if that means that we won´t see you at our shows.

- [16-01-11] Incredible, but true: we finally put the interview about DIY punk in Singapore into our archive. Although it´s been made more than 2 years ago, we still think it is interesting. And of course we updated some links and info to make sure it´s still helpful if you ever get there.

- [31-12-10] Finally we found the time to clean up our link list and kick out dead references. Little by little, we will also include new links of course.

- [20-11-10] We planned 2 concert weekends in the upcoming 2 months: Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel and Aurich are the destinations for December and January. Check the concert page for details.

- [02-07-10] The first "official" concerts with the new bandmembers are confirmed. See you in Cologne in August!

- [07-05-10] Maik left the band. It was a hard, but probably inevitable decision for him. He is living in Cologne now and it is simply not possible to come up to Bremen constantly for rehearsals and concerts without facing absolute burn-out in the end. Nevertheless it is a pity for all of us. At least, Kobayashi keeps on - now that Jana and Roberta joined us. We are looking forward to upcoming concerts in Summer!

- [14-03-10] Good news: For the first time, new people are joining the band: Roberta and Jana, two very good friends of us, decided to support us. This means, that Kobayashi will usually have 3 guitars from now on and it means that we will not have to cancel concerts in case that one of us does not have time.

- [23-12-09] Mumia Abu-Jamal is imprisoned in death row since more than 27 years now. The only reason why he should be killed by the state is his activism as a political journalist. We were happy to contribute a song to a recently published solidarity compilation which is meanzt to raise money for his support and for the fight against death penalty and prisons in general.

- [02-11-09] As we did in the past 2 years, we will play in Dusseldorf on X-mas, once again with the Kaput Krauts.

Within the next days weeks, we will also put an interview with a DIY activist from Singapur on this page.

- [14-08-09] Our complete last LP from 2006 can now be downloaded as a .zip file, including the booklet and two previously unreleased recordings (a "new" version of the old song "Nicht lustig" and the song "Neuanstrich").

- [20-07-09] The mini-tour in Spain was awesome, a really intense week thanks to the help of a lot of people. As mentioned before, it might have been the last tour for a while, but we definitely want to repeat that one day.

- [30-05-09] This is not the best year for us... we need to cancel our tour plans for France completely. One of us will move to Hamburg Cologne in August and will have even less time than at the moment. We are really sorry for the people who were about to prepare shows for us or who were hoping to see us in October.
Anyway: We'll keep on with Kobayashi, although it's going to be on an even lower flame than it already was.

- [19-04-09] We decided to cancel our plan to do a tour in France this summer: Many places shut down and a lot of people have better things to do than organizing punk shows (Enjoying the summer at the beach for example:). But we still stick to the plan in general. Now we want to come in October. Please let us know if you can help us setting up shows.

- [16-12-08] We finally decided not to wait any longer for the compilation for which we recorded the song "Christian, Knut,...". Instead, you can now download this unreleased song. As mentioned before, the lyrics can be found here.

- [09-12-08] As we already mentioned here, we went to the studio 9 months ago to record only one song. It was written for an anti-prison benefit compilation and spoke about the debates in Germany about the release of the former RAF activist Christian Klar. By that time, the german president denied to release Christian. We are happy to tell you hat he will now be free at the beginning of next year, after 26 years in prison- for jurisdical reasons of course, not as a consequence of any political decision. What we don´t know is when that sampler will be released. For the moment we decided to put the lyrics on this website at least. Depending on how things develop, it might be that you will also find the song here pretty soon.

- [10-10-08] As promised, you will find the interview with the DIY punk activist from St. Petersburg in our archive now.

- [04-10-08] The summer is over and we are looking forward to the upcoming concerts. If everything goes as we hope, you will also find an interview in the archive soon: One of us spend his holidays in Russia and spoke to a DIY / Anarcho-Punk activist about the situation in St. Petersburg.

- [28-04-08] 6 months in advance we already have our minitour with the Juggling Jugulars nearly completely confirmed. Crazy little DIY world.... And even more dubious: We already know where we play in december...

- [18-03-08] We went to the studio for one weekend to record and mix one song for an Anti-Prison 7" Sampler that will be released by Stonehenge Records. We do not know when it will be released, but we will let you know. And of course we will put the lyrics on this homepage as soon as I find the time.

- [07-01-08] Here we are again- back from our winter tour that lead us through 5 countries in 12 days. It was really nice to meet some old friends and to make new ones. The unexpected highlight was our spontaneous concert in Dravograd on new year´s eve: Such great people and such a funny evening- KinoKids rule!

It will be more silent during the upcoming months: One of us will be away for several months until summer and therefor we won´t be able to play concerts before autumn 08.

- [13-10-07] The band Bombenalarm had a serious car accident in which Stachel (Unsociable-label) and Sara had been seriously injured. You find some info on this story in the Trust-Forum. The Grünenstrasse and we decided to take the money from the benefit gig we´ll play tomorrow to cover a part of the follow-up- costs.

- [25-08-07] I´ve had a look at our linklist and realized some changes.

- [21-08-07] We have had great 4 days in Finland, although no mooses crossed our way... Thanks a lot to all organizers, Martin and of course to the awesome Juggling Jugulars!

- [11-08-07] You will now find a translated interview realized by the german TRUST fanzine in the archive.

- [25-07-07] We´ve printed new shirts- you can see and order them here. Beside that there several samplers about to be released in which we take part and a finnish fanzine has an interview with us in their current issue. And of course we are looking forward to meet you on our concerts in Finland in August!

- [29-04-07] Yippiiieh! Finally: our old webadress kobayashi-disko.org is working again and since some days the mailadress as well. So go ahead and get in touch- we are always happy when getting mails.

Furthermore lots of new concerts are already planned- three of them in Finland in August. We are looking forward to it!

- [22-04-07] Seems as if Kobayashi shall not have a working homepage: Since 3 months (or longer?) the old server is switched off and due to some morons we could not recover the old URL (kobayashi-disko.org) until now. That sucks and really makes us angry but we can´t do nothing about it. The worst about all this shit is that a lot of people might have written us, but all the mails sent to our usual address (printed on thousand of CDs / LPs) also does not work since month. If you want to get in touch, please write to kobayashi13@gmx.net

- [02-01-07] Our tour with Cólera was really great: we saw new interesting places, felt very welcome at every place we have been and have found very good new friends: Cólera who joined us during all these days. Greetings also to Giuda with whom we played 4 gigs!


you find all the old news (1999- 2006) here


kobayashi exists since the end of 1997 and until may 2005 we were 5: daniel [bass], roberto [drums], maik [guitar and voice], peter [voice] and martin [guitar and voice]. unfortunately martin and maik left the band for different reasons. but we were lucky and jana and roberta joined kobayashi. we're somewhere in between punk and hardcore, most of the time kind of melodic.

subversion and counterculture are important values for us- including the whole 'diy' thing: we don't need no gods, no state and certainly no masters. that's why we believe in running our things on our own.