old news:

- [28-11-06] Yippieh! Kobayashi got rid of debts. After years and years we finally don´t owe a cent to anyone anymore. This has been possible because our Release-Party was really good. Thanks to Hodz and Largact.ill for playing, to the Friese for all the infrastructure and of course to all the friends who helped us setting up the concert / party or who just showed up.

- [11-11-06] As we promised, now you find new Kobayashi songs in the download section. And of course we got the lyrics translated for you as well.

- [26-10-06] It´s nearly done! Actually it took us a lot of time and work, but this week the recordings will be send to the factory. When the LP is ready in November we are gonna make a party, because that´s really a good reason we think. Check the concert page for details. After some difficulties in finding places to play, our december tour with Cólera (Valencia, ES) is also nearly completely confirmed now.

- [21-07-06] Before recording a new album we just released a CD with some chosen old songs- you can get it for 3,50€ (plus postage) if you contact us.

- [16-05-06] Our summer- tour in germoney is completely confirmed. After these 8 days we will directly go to the studio to record a new LP which will hopefully be released in autumn. We'll keep you informed.

- [17-04-06] As promised, I´ll try to give you some kind of short summary of our Israel tour- if you´d like to know more, get in touch.
Of course one week was far too short: We neither had the time nor the money to see all the things there are to be visited. The fact that the country and the "scene" is relatively small was somehow nice for us, because lots of people were constantly around us which made it possible not to talk only about superficialities but to get to know each other to a certain degree. In spite of difficult circumstances, they did a lot for us, so that we could see a lot and that every concert was some kind of special. We can´t remember having played concerts in such a short time at so different places: In the park deck of an old abandoned soda factory, a non profit theatre project with frightening professionel equipment, a club with a doorman and a school cafeteria. However: Although this tour made our mountain of debt a little higher, we are really glad to have done it and would like to repeat it one day.
Thanx to all the people for their great hospitality and their helpfullness. You know who you are...
By the way- If the woman who took the photos in Kyriat Onu and Tel Aviv will read this: You told us that you would like to send us the pictures. It would be really great if you could do so or contact us via e-mail. Unfortunately the photos we took did not really got nice.
Our summer tour in germany is already nearly completely confirmed.

- [09-11-05] We translated a text which explains the reason why Riot Rex made the non- profit Compilation in which we take part. You find it in the archive.

- [17-09-05] Earlier than we thought our december- concerts in Spain are already confirmed. Further a new benefit- compilation in which Kobayashi takes part has been releases by RiotRex. And then there are several new concerts planned for December , January (+ Aggra Makabra) and February (+ Koyaanisqatsi).

- [17-03-05] Last Thursday Martin told us that he decided to leave Kobayashi. We don´t know how to explain the reasons to people outside the band, so we will not even try to do so. He got some kind of tired, that´s about it. However, it was hard for him to take that decision and it is hard for us to deal with it. During nearly 8 years the band was only possible for us in this compound and played an important role in the lifes of each one of us. Nevertheless we decided that the four of us want to keep on making music together, although it will definitely will not be the same band for us.
It will figure out if someday a fifth person will join us again. If not, we will keep on with 4.
Anyway, we are gonna play 2 last concerts in the well known constellation and it would be nice to see you there!

- [03-03-05] Our friend Mitch is no longer alive. Some of you might have known him, he played the drums with Koyaanisqatsi. We have been to many places with him and it hurts to know that this will no longer be possible. It´s hard to find the right words in the way a good friend did on Mitchs funeral. But at least we want to send geetings to all those who knew him.
A lot of people will miss him.

- [31-12-04] We are glad to tell you that the "turn it down"- compilation against right- wing (music-) subculture has been released as well- you´ll find the details right here.

- [27-08-04] Our homepage has got a new adress: Great that you found it! It became necessary because we had no access to the old webpage which had the consequence that we were not able to update the site since more than two years- until we decided to use other webspace: this one.
Nevertheless we have not been completely inactive within these years, but I prefer not to tell you all the details.
We did 3 little tours in the past: Netherlands with Koyaanisqatsi, Germoney/ Czechia/ Poland with Disface and Germoney/ France/ Switzerland with Too Rude To Be Cute- thanx to everybody involved and above all to these 3 bands: it was big fun!
Further we have been in the studio again. The recordings had been released on two split- singles: One is shared with Disface from Barcelona and the other one with Koyaanisqatsi. You can download two of these songs on the disco page. Then we also took part in two non-profit compilations: One for indymedia and the other one for Radio Bronka from Barcelona- you find the details in the Disco- section.
Well- as we wrote some new songs as well, there are new lyrics online.
As you see: Kobayashi keeps on- although there were times when it seemed as if we would have to give it up. But now all of us are living in the same city again and that makes everything a lot easier. Of course we do have plans for the future as well, but I prefer not to promise too much- we´ll keep you informed..

- [27-07-02] Pooh, it´s done, the english version of the new pages are ready as well. Of course now everything is more beautiful, comfortable and so on (a question of taste).Anyway, there is a new 'disco'- area where there is some kind of discography of us. In the archive ('archive') you´ll find articles which have been published on this website although they are not directly related to the band. The page with the links has been completely changed as well and we added lots of new links (english ones included).
The spanish version of the new pages will follow the next days.
Last but not least: we started playing gigs again.

- [27-05-02] Well, it seems as if we talked big again: the relaunch of our homepage will take still a while. But we havenīt been absolutely inactive neither: Our LP is ready. Itīs called "disko" and it has been realised with the help of various labels: Alerta Antifascista (www.no-pasaran.org), Malinke (malinke19@web.de), Moskito Records (www.moskito-records.de), Falling Down (falling-down@gmx.de), La Idea (www.sindios.net) and Gaia (gaiakuolem@euskalnet.net). In Malaysia it will also be released on cassette- thanx to Wan (www.cactusdistro.cjb.net).
Further we contributed a song to a single compilation of Malinke Records. Itīs a benefit project for the victims of repression during and after the G-8 summit in Genova last year. Beside us there are 3 more bands on the 7": Sin Dios (www.sindios.net), Dir Yassin and Affliction (affliction.free.fr).
And then finally Maik has came back, which means that we will be able to play concerts again quite soon!!

- [3-11-01] The tour is over and it has been great. Once again weīd like to say thanx to all the organizers, to Affliction and Chispas.
Besides, as you already know, we wonīt play concerts within the next months- Maik will not be here for one year. Nevertheless things will happen, especially concerning this homepage. We will change the whole page, create a new navigation which hopefully will make more sense and then all that should also look a whole lot better. So: you will be witnessing a real relaunch soon…;-)
Then there is another Sampler we take part in: Itīs called "Die Zähne zeigt, werīs Maul aufmacht, vol.2" and it has been released by the label "Alerta Antifascista". All the proceeds will be used to pay the costs caused by the repression in Genova during the G8- Meeting. The Cd contains 32 bands, such as Amen 81, Paragraf 119, Unabomber, Dead Kennedys, Kobayashi, Chispas, Cementerio Shöw, EA 80, Turbostaat, Petrograd, AOB, Strahler 80, Operation, Heimatglück, Bambix, Bad Taste, etc.

- [30-8-01] Itīs finally done! The single is ready and out now on Skuld-Releases. Beside that lots of things had happened to us, unfortunately we had a computer crash and didnīt find the time to keep the homepage up-to date. Sorry for that.
Anyway- we have been in the studio another time yet, we have the plan to do a LP- but after the experience with our single we refrain from announcing any release- date. What is sure is that we are gonna tour germany, netherlands, france and spain this september/ october (check out the concert- page) - unfortunately these will be the last concerts for quite a while: Maik is going to make holidays for several months, so that Kobayashi will have a longer break. Nervertheless we have the plan to use this freetime to constantly extend the webpage.
Beside these bandnews there is another thing which is important for us and which we would like to comment: there are still people in prison in Italy because they are accused of having took part in the protests against the G8- Meeting in Genova. Although they had been arrested days after the protests, far outside of the city and although the most important "evidence" are black clothes it seems as if the italian state is about to make an example of them. They are accused of being members of a criminal organization called "black block"- if they achieve to establish this construction as a fact and if they achieve to turn them to members of this construction, this could mean years of prison for them. So please inform yourself (check out indymedia), show solidarity, donate money, organize solidarity parties and concerts, get active, create publicity! Freedom for the prisoners of Genova!

- [25-4-01] As we play a concert during the antifascist- info- tour of the initiative "Kick It!", we translated their flyer for you. It contains information about the neofascist scene and their activities and strategies in the region of Bremen- you find it here.

- [05-04-01] hello, here are some background informations about an antifascist benefit concert we will play and the link-page is updated too. our "7inch" will be released soon on skuld releases. when the single is out you will get the information here.

- [18.03.01] hi, some new gigs we will play and some new links [sorry, they're still just in german]are now online and a little bit the artwork has been changed.

- [27.12.00] now there is an english and a spanish version online. if you have a note, please write us [kobayashi]. we're not perfect ;-)

- [09.12.00] the spain tour was great, in spite of several breakdowns. weīd like to say thanx another time to all the people who have been involved, especially to the amazing CEMENTERIO SHÖW, Alejo, Asier and the organizers of the gigs in several cities.
Beside that we have been holding back for one year the news that peter is not only only driving us the whole time, he is singing now as well- it seems that the driverīs seat had been getting a boaring place.
finally we have released something as well. itīs a 7-song tape which is a collaboration of 4 spanish labels. contact them if youīre interested: GAIA DISTRO (gaiakuolem@euskalnet.net), DISTRIBUIDORA ANARXYA (anarxya@hydramail.net), COOPERACION Rcds (basquegrind@mixmail.com) and ARTALDETIK AT (artaldetik@wol.es). of course you can get in contact with us as well (kobayashi13@gmx.de). the single probably will be released in february/ march by skuld-releases. it will contain 5 of the 7 tape- songs.

- [24.10.00] from the 27.10. on we will be touring spain for 10 days. Besides it should also not take very much longer until our single will be released. well, youīll find it here, when itīs released anyway.

- [02.09.00] finally itīs done! kobayashi to download: soundfiles

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