Here are some translations of our lyrics. They are important to us, because it is a medium to express our thoughts on certain things. nevertheless we do not overestimate the impact of all that. So if you wanna learn something new: Read a book. And if you want to make a change: There are far better ways to achieve that than starting a punkband...

- Christian, Knut, Brigitte, Susanne + Horst
- Why don´t you get drunk at home? Warum sauft ihr nicht daheim?
- The fence [La valla]
- Mpeg everywhere [Flächendeckend mpeg]
- Henna
- Market [Markt]
-Mental movie [Kopfkino]
- words arouse pictures [worte wecken bilder]
- mass [masse]
- demolition is the goal [abriss als ziel]
- flood [fluten]
- because neurosis became reality [weil neurosen längst wirklichkeit sind]
- i know it by myself [ich weiss es selbst]
- stupid mouth [dummer mund]
- border city [grenzstadt]
- day in, day out the marmot is greeting [täglich grüßt das murmeltier]
- not_funny! [nicht_lustig!]
- ibb ibb hurray [ibb ibb hurra]
- pockets full [taschen voll]
- cutting cheese [käse reiben]



Christian, Knut, Brigitte, Susanne + Horst

Christian wants to get out without squealing?
Susanne even has got a job?
After 30 years of continuous fire
they are still daring to walk upright.

That can´t be really fear that is driving you-
Although it would be great if there would still be a reason for you to be scared

The hunt is opened once again by the yellow press
Well known instruments playing well know melodies
The only difference: the prey is no longer on the run

That can´t be really fear that is driving you...

Horst came to visit him last week
"10.000 days are not enough"
And you 2 though you are already out of the game?
Far from it! ...unless you blow the whistle.
If not, Brigitte and Knut: Back to the hole.

Note: This song was especially written and recorded for an anti-prison compilation that was supposed to be released early 2008. Until now nothing happened. It speaks about the former members of the german city guerrilla organization "Rote Armee Fraktion"(Red Army Fraction), a group that killed several political and economical decision makers and also realized other (sometimes deadly) actions of militant anti-capitalist actions, mainly throughout the 1970's. In 1998, the group's dissolution was declared. Some of the RAF's first generation are still imprisoned, e.g. Christian Klar. The lyrics here refer to the debate that took place in germany in the first half of 2007: The german president Horst Köhler denied to release Christian, a broad majority of conservative politicians and media supported him i this decision. For juridical reasons, Christian Klar will now get released at the beginning of 2009.


Why don´t you get drunk at home?

The door opens,
same as her drawer labeled "red bull yuppie"
The guy looks that shit, for him this drawer was built

Why don`t you drink at home?
Ah! In the Nightlife magazine was written that this bar is cool

A tip - no look: for him she is just an automat
It`s ok for her every word from him would be to much

T he clock says it`s three, her coat becomes thin the gage rises

why don`t you drink at home?...

The waterfall at the bar spits and he will shut up-

at least that´s what she hopes


The fence [La valla]

After 3 years and thousands of kilometers of travelling
rifles are welcoming you
camping in a forest, eye to eye with the destination of your odyssee
somehow it looks different to that what you`ve been dreaming of

so close but so far away, trying to enter might cost your life
the sun is going down now take that ladder

Europe opens its fire against you, thats the language it speaks

16 people shot at the fence and you will be brought to the desert
While others are dying far away in th sea

Tear down the fence!



Area wide mpeg [Flächendeckend mpeg]

Off we go through the lens. Oh! Who is that?
Just on the sidewalk, now somewhere completely else

When I turn around and noone recognizes me,
when you turn around the corner a bit too fast:
Traces in the sand.
Your passport is a walkie talkie and mpeg is everywhere.

Then caught yourself thinking: "What would had happened if..?
Would the motorbike still be fine?"

When I turn around and noone recognizes me,
Optic nerve cut with a gripper
Traces in the sand.
Your mobile phone is a tracking system and mpeg is everywhere.

Area wide mpeg- we already got used to it.



Rotes Tuch auf 2 red rag on two legs with henna coloured hair
otherwise your world green since years

In the distorting mirror there is not even one cleft
Inverted is your view

Your smiling is smug, by now you know my fist as a hand only
You= progressive? I would laught if it wasn´t that bitter

Day in out, you like the taste of authority
The anti- nuclear power sticker stays on your bycicle

Alternative? Probably even you believe it rag on




words arouse pictures
[worte wecken bilder]

history binded that nearly got lost
now it lies in front of me, thanx to luck and a strong will
and thanx to many who did not make it

words a rousing pictures, history gets a face
rage and grief hand in hand
and thanks to you

often I need to catch my breath
getting to my limits just by reading about it
the fist closes-
in there I would not even have had the power for that

then I look up and hear things like
"consider it closed" and "look forward, not backwards"
and that grandpa did not know about anything
that the machinery worked without his help
I see monuments for the culprits
oil for the fire of my rage

This land is built on death
machinery lubricated by millions


mass [masse]

It's one of theses saturdays
Hordes of men in the streets and I close the curtains
unfortunately the stereo system is not loud enough
The mass is celebrates itself today
The individual is just a little part of it
Enjoying to drown in the green- white mass
Empty eyes and well- known beer- happiness

Come on, turn the music louder,
I don't want to hear this bawling
I won't leave the house as long as the mob is down there
The oponnent creates unity,
for some of them he is even an enemy
I would not even think about being part of this masses

Fathers and sons so nicely in union,
parts of the uniformed mob
Sharing the pride after victories
Enjoying the feeling of having been the stronger ones

I cant't understand it when even friends share their happiness
Tunnel vision enabling them to have a good time


Demolition is the goal [abriss als ziel]

Leaned quite far outside the window,
Protected by the roof- let´s go:
The subversion concentrates on the building owner,
the cellar is the meeting point

It is a matter of course: demolition is the goal
But don´t worry: it will stay utopian

5 people brought their amplifiers
to tell everybody the well-known things
that everybody wishes to hear
as so many times before

It´s a matter of course:…
But don´t worry:…

The place is well isolated,
The floors above are ignoring everything as usual
And if apathy will be disturbed, they got their telephone

Nevertheless: sometimes it feels good
to hear the well-known things
And to feel the wind in the back


Flood (Fluten)

The water rises into german cellars
Washing to the surface what you have been missing for so long
Batten down the hatches, putting up dikes-
These are things you know quite well
Readiness to make sacrifices and donations:
Because those who are affected this time are not the usual ones
Comrade rubber- boot wading for his election victory
The wall in the heads changed its position
But it is tighter than ever

(a song about the german nationalism that once again became obvious during the inundations in eastern germany `02, when all the media and the politicians where eulogizing the “solidarity among the germans” and talking about the “german people who stand together as one facing the catastrophy”. The expression “comrade rubber- boot” refers to Gerhard schröder, who after demonstrating his dismayed face to the mass media, won the elections.)

because neurosis became reality
[weil neurosen längst wirklichkeit sind]

I´d really like to leave
But where to? Just away doesn´t make much sense
He doesn´t knock at the door, long since he kicked it in

Simply leaving is impossible
Continuous drinking paralyzes the look
A life on the edge, it´s over since long ago
And simply leaving is not that easy

The media contribute their part
Black on white in the morning,
Colorful pictures in the evening
There he is again and the rage is about to explode

When neurosis becomes reality
And the majority keeps silent
There is more than rage
When neurosis became reality
Leaving is not that easy

People crouched without moving
Hands above their heads, crowded in corners
Don´t move- he is here again
And any movement might be a crime


i know it by myself [ich weiß es selbst]

i don't know anything about the life you are living
nearly nothing, but that's my choice
your admonishing words-
ignored more than a thousand times
otherwise my last dreams
would yet have been destroyed too

your grinning when someone
is falling on his/her face
disfigured your face
humanity decays
because of security mania

long sice your way of life is asphalted
no pothole will kick you off your route
surrendered to your anxieties
you make me sick

you can keep your security by yourself
that is the last thing that I need
my tomorrow only belongs to me
shut up!

    stupid mouth [dummer mund]

it's yet again that way- so much 'blablabla'
that you know it once again, know it so much better

when you don't have nothing left to talk about
and the only thing you know is running others down

your mouth is full
your head is empty
the only thing your stupid mouth does is telling lies




border city [grenzstadt]

the border is not "only" running between
the countries anymore
on one hand fortress europe- 'EU ROT OP'
on the other in between the citys
fortress europe- smash it down

between poor and rich
between the ticket german passport
and no ticket to be legal
stoiber, schröder, schily- racist pigs

"aktion sicherheitsnetz" - racist shit
"aktion sicherheitsnetz"- shit state

note: "Aktion Sicherheitsnetz" (=actionprogramme "net of security") had been one of the catchwords used by senators for inner affairs of various german cities to promote several changes of laws with the aim to widen police authority. The arguments used in the debate were obviously racist and socially marginalizing and so is the daily police practice- not only in germany.


day in, day out the marmot is greeting [täglich grüßt das murmeltier]

getting up, going to work
day in, day out the marmot
(AmEngl: woodchuck) is greeting

40 years, so that you won`t stand in the rain
day in, day out...

the stomach hurts, the head bursts
day in, day out...

and if you donīt take action against it
day in, day out...

(note: "täglich grüsst das murmeltier" is the german title of the movie "groundhog`s day" which is about a man who has to live one day again and again- in this context the expression is used to make clear that wage labour can imprison you in daily routine)


not_funny! [nicht_lustig!]

reasons are there again and again
and it isn't that i can't understand
in a bad mood we are often enough
without having the courage
to talk about it

the pain is sticking deep
the head is diving away
the scars are often invisible
until the blade is running
over your veins
and it isn't that i could not
understand it

hey, stay here, hey, stay here
even though the valley is so deep
because always there are ways
even though it's hurting so much
this isn't funny anymore
and it should neither be


ibb ibb hurray [ibb ibb hurra]

motorway 30, departure 11- out here
smalltown-fug, oggling petty burgeois
ibb ibb hurray, "home" again
being utterly provincial suits this country quite well

since long ago here is living a whole lot of which I hate nowadays
left here far too late, the question "what did I miss?"

the horizon is narrow here
everything out of the own garden is far beyond
family- life is what you are longing for as well
and when it's getting crowded, you'll add your part to daddy's house

the most important thing still is that everything stays the way it is
generations are changing- impossible to distinguish between them

old friends are crossing my way- but the common things unfortunately today are only few
new relationships only towards few of them
in the majority I meet too much of Ibbenbueren (small town in germoney)

departure 56, motorway 1
sunday night, "home" again
how nice to be back in our little snuggling corner

pockets full [Taschen voll]

caught as a child- that stuck in your mind
long afterwards still didn't even think about it
empty purse? well, then the refrigerator will stay empty as well.
that's the way the shop detective settled in your mind

years afterwards finally you tried it again
driven by need you ignored the fears
fear became thrill and thrill became fun
Mr. Tengelmann (Tengelmann: one of Europe`s largest supermarket-chains) nowadays is making money out of your visits only few times

the pockets are filled and with a grin on your face you're going home
one more time they didn't catch you

at the cashier your pockets are rarely empty
and if they are, your anger is stronger with every time
redistributing is something different for sure
but at least you are now taking what you need

fear became...

and if they catch you nevertheless
that won't change a thing
you will never play that game again the way their rules are telling you to

cutting cheese [Käse reiben]

don't forbid me what i need most
asshole, you just missed cleverness
don't tell me that belts lead ways
that slaps just want my best
one slap here, a kick in the ass there
that never happened… certainly
"idiot- hurry up, and put more tomato on it!
and don't fool youself: this is the place you are made for!"
heat from the oven, 11 pm
sleepy, not understanding anything
but nevertheless forced to work
well: thanx a lot.
of course you are seeing all this totally different
for you all this had never happened

this song is dedicated to all the people still being confronted with the scars from their past